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Ninth Day – Jan. 21st


Today was the first day back to Hospice after the break.

We had a fair amount of people go to the Florence site, where I usually go. Since I have quite the spacious minivan, I volunteered to take everyone.

I was unsure of whether or not I would still be seeing Jay, the man I saw a couple months ago, but the nurse said I could. So I went upstairs, chatted with him about different movies, and had a nice time. We watched Deep Impact, a movie I had never seen but had a lot of fun hearing Jay talk about the different plot points.

I’m finding it’s a lot more natural to visit with Hospice patients than it was before break. Not sure if it’s because I’m used to it, or because my nervousness is dwindling. Either way, it’s nice just to sit and visit with someone like Jay who doesn’t get a lot of visitors. He’s missing his front teeth though, so it’s a little hard to understand him.

First day back, not bad so far.