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On Nine Inch Nails, Growing Up, and Muchness

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I remember when I first saw NIN in concert. I was 15, just discovering the world, just discovering myself, but mostly just discovering music. Music was my whole world back then. I suppose it has to be when you’re 15, unsure about who you are or what you’ll do in life. When you have the […]

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Why is Everyone So Unhappy?

Life | Musings

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to be more honest with myself in others.


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One Year Out, A Lifetime To Go.

Blog | Life | Third Culture Life

Well, it’s been a full year plus a couple of months since I moved back to Colorado.


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Keeping things close to the Chester.

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I’ve gotta be honest, the news of Chester Bennington’s suicide hit me pretty hard. Most likely because Linkin Park was the first real band I fell in love with. Most people know me as a metalhead or perhaps a NIN-head, since those were the first genres of music I really identified with. But Linkin Park […]

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What’s My Edge?

Blog | Life | Musings

People sometimes tell me that one day I’ll have to “decide” between Journalism and Computer Science.

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A Relationship With God | Blog | Life | Musings | Third Culture Life

At some point after the priest had finished his homily this morning, something happened to me.

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A Relationship With God | Blog | Life | Musings | Third Culture Life

I can’t think of a good reason to be here.

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When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.

A Relationship With God | Blog | Inspirational Quotes | Life | Musings | Third Culture Life

I decided to go back to Church last week.

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Some Thoughts About Mothers…

A Relationship With God | Blog | Life | Musings

I don’t really know what to write about, since I”m kind of at a loss for words, but writing is therapeutic, so it felt necessary.

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Life Update: I am a Third Culture Kid.

A Relationship With God | Blog | Life | Musings | Third Culture Life

For damn near all of my life, I’ve struggled with the idea that I am a “Third Culture Kid.”

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