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These are creative pieces I’ve written over the years. Some are short stories, some are poems, some are chapters from a full-length novel, and some are just plain weird.

The Meek

“Coffee.” One said. “Coffee, cream and sugar, Sugar.” The other said. “Two coffees, coming right up gentleman,” the waitress said. “Cream and sugar?” Said the first. “Gives it some taste. Otherwise it’s just coffee-flavored water.” “Why drink it if you have to add things to make it taste better?” “Why drink it only one way […]

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The End of the World.

Love is, by far, one of the most enduring tales in the history of the world. The love story is still one of the most popular stories of all time. It is a popular story because so many wish to be in love, wish to feel love, wish to be loved. In this lonely world […]

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The Hour of the Beast.

Before I begin, dear reader, you must understand something.

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Fire in the Universe.

We are each planets in a vast galaxy.

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Chapter 1: The Time Traveler He took out a pen and marked a new page in his journal. Time-lapse, he decided to call it. After all, everything he’d read up until that point suggested that time played a role in this case. 00:01. Just after midnight. Not a soul out in the dark except for […]

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Lily and the Monster.

The trees are the history books of the world. Within a single cell of an old tree lives a history of hundreds of years. Trees remember long after we die. Sometimes the trees have seen more than we can hope to see in our lives, for the trees see what they have to see, not […]

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