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Fire in the Universe.

We are each planets in a vast galaxy.

We each have our beliefs,

our struggles,

our desires,

our failures.


We are each made of energy.

Our lives revolving endlessly,

revolving planets in the solar system,

revolving stars in the galaxy,

revolving masses in the cosmos.


We are each a mass of starstuff.

we are all masses pulled forward,

pulled into the lives of each other,

pulled into a parallax around others,

pulled into the future on an axis.


We are each a person in the universe,

We are each a star that burns with yearning,

We are each a mass that revolves around others,

We are each a fire pulled forward by the heart of creation,

We are each a fire in the universe.


We are each a fire in the universe,

burning in a mass of brobdingnagian emptiness that we can’t understand,

burning like the fire of love, the fire of creation, the fire of life,

burning like stars that pull planets toward them,

burning planets in the vastness of the universe.


We are all planets in a system,

A star in a universe,

A universe in a cosmos,

A cosmos in an unknown.