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Seventh Day – Nov. 12th


Today started out a little unexpectedly. Mainly because I had been moved to a different patient…AGAIN. This time, we had moved to a whole new facility too.

So me and my new volunteer buddy, Kelsey, were assigned to talk to Jay. An eccentric but friendly guy (and perhaps a little too friendly with the ladies), who enjoyed talking about movies.

Kelsey and I tried to talk with him as much as we could. He sounded like he enjoys classic movies starring Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston. When we asked him about his past, he didn’t seem to remember much, but asked us a lot about ourselves and our school.

It was a short visit, but nice. The only thing a little concerning is that Jay referred to his roommate as “an asshole.” But other than that I think it was a good day.