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Hospice training began today.

It’s still kind of strange, the idea of me doing hospice. Most of the other kids are bio/chem majors, so it seems like doing hospice would look really good on a resume. For me though, this whole thing is more about the coordinator encouraging me to do it more than anything else, so I feel a little out of place.

The nice thing is that the group seems like a fun group of people. The training has made me start to consider the reality of hospice, and things like having to spend time with someone who is at the end of their life, yet it hasn’t fully hit me yet.

We’ll start getting into the actual volunteering next week, which I’m looking forward to. This whole thing with my grandpa coupled with the training has made me view the whole experience as a little surreal, but I think the reality will hit me once we get into the full swing of it.