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Life Update – 12/20/2014

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I’m finding that, at this point in my life, I love everything.

Whether it’s listening to Kid Cudi, reading Speaker for the Dead, Watching Netflix, reading a million articles a day, writing code, writing in general, playing Dead Space, cooking, driving, beer, wine, or just being alone in my mind with my thoughts, I love everything I do. Everything I consume gives me so much joy I can barely describe it.

It’s a feeling of fulfillment, of being so into what I’m listening to or watching or reading or eating or drinking that time, fear, and all negative feelings go by the wayside. A feeling of bliss, of such wonderful emotion I feel I could burst with all the good energy flowing through my veins igniting my blood and making me feel at one with creation.

At this point in my life, despite my social life being a bit empty, I’m finding myself so in love with the little, everyday things like music or working or drinking water after exercising. It’s a good feeling, and one I feel it’s important to take stock of.

That’s how I feel these days, and it’s important to take note of the good times, since you never know how long they will last.