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Some Personal Revelations.

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I find that in the week I’ve been here, I’ve come to some realizations.

1) I am pretty American. Which is strange, seeing as how when I moved to the States 5 years ago, I was told I had a Euro-tinge to my accent, and how even among Americans, I felt pretty un-American. Back then if you had told me something about “the tri-state area” I would have no idea what you were talking about. Conversing with people in Johannesburg however has made me realize how many American colloquialisms I use, and how I talk with a very American vernacular. I realized this today when I made a joke regarding “the tri-state area.”

2) I’m quieter than I used to be. Back in high school, I was told I needed to “think before I speak.” Well, I’ve found recently that not only do I think very carefully about what I say before I say it, but sometimes I just prefer thinking without speaking at all. I’m perfectly content to spend time by myself reading, writing, going on walks, or just being alone with my thoughts.

3) I’m becoming less of a nomad. Although I’ve been pretty nomadic for all of my life, I’m realizing that it’s not something I plan to do indefinitely. I’ve seen kids running around, couples on the street, and when we walked past a wall today full of sentences beginning with “before I die I want…” I wrote “to own a puppy.” It’s making me yearn for a family, a home, a place to settle down. Not that I’ll be doing that anytime soon, but having a family is definitely something on my mind.  I don’t see the point of having a family just for the sake of one, so I’d have to fall in love first, and who knows when that will be.

4) My hair is getting long.