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“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself.”

Inspirational Quotes

In light of Nelson Mandela’s passing, I figured I would use this quote next.

Mandela (also known as Madiba), was an inspirational person. Like a lot of Xhosa’s, he was ambitious, political, and unwavering in his convictions. His death this past week, while not unexpected (he had been sick for a long time), gave the public a chance to show just how many were moved and influenced by his actions. I imagine he will likely take his place in the ranks of Gandhi and Mother Teresa in terms of how lovingly he is remembered.

Change is a difficult thing to bring about. From the largest  and most world-influencing movements down to the tiny complex neurons within an individual’s mind, change is usually difficult. In either case, it is much easier to take the easy path than to go through the trials and setbacks that come along with change.

When faced with a disappointing life where you feel nothing you can do will make things better, it is still much easier to keep shambling on the same road than it is to stand tall and brave the unknown of the off-road. Not everyone is blessed with a blessed life. For those who aren’t, it is not as easy as snapping one’s fingers and changing the circumstances that surround them.

What Mandela said rings true: it is difficult to change oneself, and one must never be judged too harshly for facing difficulty in the pursuit of doing so.